Israel ratifies law limiting conditions for ousting PM

Israel’s opposition says judicial independence is in peril after the Knesset ratified a law limiting the circumstances in which a prime minister can be removed.

Lulas China visit to refresh Brazil ties with pragmatic approach

Hundreds of workers at five U.S. Walmart facilities that fulfill e-commerce orders are being asked to find jobs within 90 days at other company locations, a spokesperson confirmed to Reuters.

Nigerian man brought to UK to take kidney A Nigerian couple are the UK's first convicted human traffickers with the intent to harvest organs.
Nigerian senator trafficked man to UK to harvest kidney

A wealthy Nigerian couple have become the first people in the UK to be convicted of human trafficking for the purpose of organ harvesting.

US amphibious assault ship joins drills in South Korea

A US amphibious assault ship has joined joint landing drills with South Korea’s military aimed at building “muscle memory” to respond to a crisis if needed.

Water use is draining humanitys lifeblood, UN warns

The world’s water is “vampiric overconsumption” is gulping up the world’s water, the UN says, as countries meet to discuss security of the precious resource.

CHINA LUNAR NEW YEAR HOLIDAY Global monetary tightening and COVID-19 disruptions have hurt the super wealthy in China.
Hundreds of Chinas wealthy lose billionaire status

China has lost 229 billionaires from the Hurun Global Rich List 2023, accounting for more than half of the 445 people who disappeared from the list.

European bank shares fall as crisis leaves its mark

The ongoing confidence crisis in the wake of instability in the global banking system has impacted banking shares across Europe.