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Stock market today: Asia follows Wall Street up on hopes Fed will ease off rate hikes

BEIJING (AP) - Asian stock markets followed Wall Street higher Friday ahead of a U.S. jobs update after Federal Reserve officials reignited hopes another interest rate hike might be postponed.

APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Japan Japan's population is not only shrinking - it's also rapidly ageing, health ministry data shows.
Demographic woes as Japan's birth rate hits record low

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has made arresting Japan’s sliding birth rate a top priority as new data reveals population growth has hit a record low.

Top American, Chinese defense officials vie for influence in Asia-Pacific

SINGAPORE (AP) - As the United States and China vie to establish new partnerships and expand influence with Asia-Pacific nations, the top defense officials from both nations are preparing to try to win support this weekend from their regional counterparts, diplomats and leaders at a security forum in Singapore.